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name: Lies
age: 20
location: Antwerp, Belgium
some favorite bands: Placebo, The Cure, David Bowie, The Smiths, Iggy Pop, The Police...
brief info about who you are and what you like: I study journalism. I love writing. I write in several languages like Duth, French, English and sometimes Spanish. My motherlanguage is Dutch.

Would you grab my hand if I reach for you,
when reaching is all I can do?

Would you take away all insanity,
when it’s killing what’s left of me?

Would you run with me and say you don’t care,
when there’s nothing left we don’t dare?

Your hands are changing to dust
Your words don’t know what to say
Your face is all I could trust
and then it just fades away

Would you put together my broken mind,
when the truth is all it can hide?

Would you still be able to see me the same,
when I scar an eternal stain?

Would you dare to look me right in the eye,
when you tell me it’s all been a lie?
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